Lexicon: compel – competition

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compel (-led, -leth, -ling), v. [OFr < L. compell-ere, to drive.] (webplay: circumstances, house).

  1. Require; force; oblige; urge.
  2. Encourage; prod; command.

compensate (-s), v. [L. compensare, to weigh one thing against another, counterbalance.] (webplay: work).

Recompense; indemnify; provide compensation; offset the cost; justify the discomfort.

compensated, verbal adj. [see compensate, v.] (webplay: give).

Paid back; reimbursed.

compensation, n. [L. compensation-em; see compensate, v.] (webplay: day, sufficient, want).

Repayment; reimbursement; recompense for some deficiency; credit that takes the place of a loss; [fig.] restoration; restitution of blessings.

compete (competing, -s), v. [L. compet-ere, to strive after something.]

Contend; fight; be in a contest with; vie; try to beat.

competeless, verbal adj. [see compete, v.]

Unmatched; nonpareil; matchless; peerless; incomparable; having no equal.

competence, n. [Fr. comp├ętence, competency, sufficiency, aptness, fitness, agreeableness, competitorship; see compete, v.]

Sufficiency; adequate supply.

competent, adj. [Fr. < L. competent-em, suitable, fitting, proper, lawful; see competence, n.] (webplay: adequate, fit, proved, world).

  1. Sufficient; adequate; suitable; worthy; qualified.
  2. Able; capable; proficient; skillful.

competing, verbal adj. [see compete, v.]

Rival; contending; opposing; countering.

competition (-s), n. [L. competition-em, agreement, judicial demand, rivalry; see compete, v.] (webplay: carry, love, mutual).

  1. Race; contest; rivalry.
  2. Struggle; challenge; contention; opposition; [fig.] rival; opponent.