Lexicon: click – close

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click, n. [Du. and Ger. klick < OFr clique, the 'tick' of a clock or watch.] (webplay: seaman).

Snap; beat; light sharp noise; slight non-ringing sound.

climate, n. [Fr. < Gk. klin-ein, to slope, inclination of the earth and sky from the equator to the poles.] (webplay: cold, country, seasons, temperature, tract).

Air temperature; weather conditions; amount of heat or cold, dryness or humidity, wind or calm, clearness or cloudiness, etc.; [fig.] atmosphere; environment; ambience.

climb (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OE.] (webplay: black, feet, hands, little, ran, rise, seizing, slow, step, tree, wall).

Ascend; mount; scale; go up by hands and feet.

clime (-s), n. [L.; see climate, n.] (webplay: sun's).

Climate; place; location; tract; weather conditions; characteristics of a region of land; [fig.] atmosphere; environment; ambience .

cling (clung), v. [OE < Ger. sich klinken, fasten oneself on.] (webplay: adhere).

Adhere; grasp; cleave; grip; [fig.] linger; hold on to life as long as possible.

clip (-t), v. [ME.] (webplay: round).

Curtail; diminish; cut short.

cloak, n. [OFr < med. L. cloca, cape worn by horsemen and travelers.] (webplay: hide).

Cape; mantle; coat; loose outer garment worn over other clothes; [fig.] cloud cover.

clock (-s), n. [OE < Central Fr. cloche, bell.] (webplay: bell, call, figure, great, hours, movement, pendulum, seconds, striking, stroke, time, work).

  1. Heartbeat.
  2. Time instrument; timepiece set by winding; [fig.] life; heart supporting a life.
  3. Rigor; regularity; reliable feature; dependable characteristic; [fig.] reality; truth; veracity; validity.
  4. Bell; chime rung for the measurement of time; passage of hours and minutes as indicated by audio tones or visual instruments.
  5. Sundial; [fig.] season; passage of time.

clog, v. [Known since 14th c.; derivation obscure.]

Hinder; impede; obstruct; fill up; retard passage; hinder motion.

close, adj. [Fr. < L. claus-um, closed, shut.] (webplay: bringing, day, earth, eyes, fence, key, land, measures, night, place, plank, shut, stopping, time, window).

Near; nearby; nigh; proximate; not far from another in space.