Lexicon: create – creeping

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create (-d), verbal adj. [see create, v.] (webplay: God).

  1. Alive; living; existing as part of creation.
  2. Made; completed; brought into being; formed by divine power.

creation, n. [Fr. création.] (webplay: making, man, new, peers, proceeding, subjects, world).

  1. Nature; being; existence; the world; all creatures collectively; everything created by God.
  2. Making; forming; act of creating; action of bringing something into existence.

creator (-'s), n. [ME and AFr. creatour.] (webplay: earth, exist, God, heaven, investing, praise, remember).

Maker; parent; God; one who creates; one who generates life.

creature (-s, -'s), n. [Fr. < L. creātūra, thing created.] (webplay: air, being, creator, darkness, denotes, earth, existent, God, human, light, living, poor, pretty, rise, stars, sun, sweet, words).

  1. Unwanted thing; contemptible one; [fig.] death.
  2. Person; wretch; unfortunate; pitiful one; pathetic person; disadvantaged individual.
  3. Creation; thing; created object; product of creative action.
  4. Animal; animate being; living thing.
  5. Person; individual; friend; dear one.

credibility (-'s), n. [med. L. credibilitās, credible.] (webplay: admits).

Believability; validity; authenticity; plausibility; legitimacy.

credit (-s), v. [Fr. < It. credito, belief, trust, reputation.] (webplay: believe).

  1. Trust; believe; have confidence in.
  2. Acknowledge; recognize.
  3. Count; matter; be significant.

credulous, adj. [L.]

Naive; susceptible; impressionable; unsuspecting; disposed to believe; prone to accept information as fact with very little evidence; [word order inversion] “In the afternoons, her teazing purples decoy the credulous.”

creed (-s), n. [OE < L. credo, I believe.]

Doctrine; credo; religious proclamation; formal statement of belief, such as the Nicene Creed.

creep (-ing, -s, crept), v. [OE.] (webplay: chamber, copy, day, houses, lead, old, slowly).

  1. Sink; slide; [metaphor] melt.
  2. Steal; slink; insinuate; move stealthily; advance gradually; proceed without being noticed.
  3. Spread; stretch; expand; disperse; move slowly.

creeping, verbal adj. [see creep, v.] (webplay: chamber, time, worm).

Shrinking; fearful; apprehensive; repulsed; disgusted; seeming to crawl because of fear.