Lexicon: chasm – check

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chasm, n. [L. < Gk. chasma, a yawning hollow.] (webplay: fissure, gap).

Cleft; crack; crevice; abyss; fracture; sinkhole; geologic fault line; gap in the earth; [fig.] open grave; break in the earth for a burial plot; [metaphor] loss; funeral; separation of body and spirit; [metaphor] divergence; profound difference; divergence of character; breech of relations; disparity of position, feelings, interests, and so forth.

chasten (chastened, chastens), v. [OFr < L. castigāre, make chaste or pure, correct, chastise.]

  1. Afflict; strike; [fig.] impress; overwhelm; instruct through direct experience of consequences.
  2. Humble; bring down; make to feel a loss; [passive past participle form] grief-struck.
  3. Castigate; repudiate; put down; [fig.] ignore; leave unknown; keep anonymous.
  4. Rebuke; reprove; hush; shush; silence; [fig.] purify; refine.

chastise, v. [see chasten, v.]

Chasten; correct; rebuke; reprove.

chastising, verbal n. [see chasten, v.]

Chastening; correcting; reproving.

chat, n. [an onomatopoeic abbreviation of chatter.]

Chatter; gossip; conversation; small talk.

chat (chatted), v. [see chat, n.] (webplay: idly, manner).

Converse; speak easily; talk mildly; discuss without total comprehension.

chatter, n. [onomatopoeic < Du. koeteren, jabber, kwetteren, chatter, and Eng. twitter, jabber, etc.]

Speech; discourse; gossip; small talk; incessant conversation; trivial communication; inconsequential expression; [metonymy] life; communion with the living.

cheat (-s), v. [ME.] (webplay: belief, child, common, fail, fraud, gain, hide.]

  1. Defraud; swindle; deceive; trick.
  2. Escape from; sneak off; steal away from; go out of view from.

cheated, verbal adj. [see cheat, v.] (webplay: fine).

Deceived; tricked; victimized; deprived of something.

check (-s), n. [ME.] (webplay: counter-register, flight, seamanship).

  1. Train ticket; transportation voucher; receipt that verifies payment; small piece of paper that documents the destination and distance that a passenger may travel; [fig.] passenger list; verification that a person is on board a vehicle; [metaphor] evidence; witness; proof; sacred testimony; scriptural documentation.
  2. Bill; banknote; money order; paper collateral; financial voucher.