Lexicon: coveting – crack

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coveting, verbal n. [see covet, v.]

Desire; hunger; craving; longing.

cow (-s), n. [OE .]

Bovine; cud-chewing milk-producing animal; domesticated female quadruped mammal.

coward, adj. [OFr coe, tail.] (webplay: base, life, turn).

Fearful; timid; lacking courage; having the spirit of a coward.

coward (-s), n. [see coward, adj.]

Timid one; fearful person; faint-hearted person; someone who lacks courage; soldier who is not brave; one who displays fear in the face of danger, pain, or difficulty.

cower, v. [Icel. kúra, sleep, doze; Da. kure, squat; mod. Ger. kauern, cower.]

Cringe; shrink in fear.

cowering, verbal adj. [see cower, v.]

Timid; fearful; cringing; quivering; shrinking in fear.

cowslip, adj. [OE cú-slyppe, slimy substance, cow-slobber, cow-dung.] (webplay: primrose).

Covered with Primula veris; having a kind of fragrant yellow spring flowers.

coy, adj. [Fr. < L. quietus, at rest, still, quiet.] (webplay: shy).

  1. Shy; bashful; silent; evasive; inaccessible; secluded; not demonstrative; [fig.] speechless; unable to talk.
  2. Wary; leery; cautious; untrusting; uncertain; slightly fearful.

crack, n. [OE cracian.] (webplay: opening, wall).

  1. Opening; break; gap; crevice; lengthwise fissure.
  2. Sharp sound; sudden breaking that causes a loud noise.

crack, v. [see crack, n.] (webplay: frost, loud, sudden, words).

Break; fall apart; fracture; separate into a fissure; [fig.] open up to display the unknown.