Lexicon: corrodeless – cotemporaneous

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corrodeless, adv. [see corrode, v.]

Without wearing away; in their entirety; without becoming lessened in any way; [fig.] eternally; infinitely; with endless variety.

corruption, n. [Fr. < L. corrump-ere, to corrupt.]

Depravity; wickedness; moral deterioration; spiritual decay; loss of virtue; default of integrity; perversion from an original state of purity; (see 1 Corinthians 15:42).

cosmopolite (-s), n. [Gk. κοσμοπολίτ-ης, citizen of the world.]

Globetrotter; international traveler; world citizen; one without national attachments; one who is at home anywhere; those who regard the whole world as their country.

cost, n. [OFr; see cost, v.] (webplay: pains, price).

Price; expense; sacrifice; suffering.

cost (-s), v. [OFr < L. constāre, stand together, stand firm, abide, be settled or fixed, stand at a price.] (webplay: loss, paid, price, take, taken).

  1. Be bought; be valued at; be maintained at a certain price; necessitate an expenditure; be acquired with a sacrifice; come into one's possession at a price.
  2. Require of; necessitate sacrifice of.

costlier, adj. [see cost, v.]

More expensive; worth more; more valuable; more precious; bought at a higher price.

costly, adj. [see cost, v.]

  1. Expensive; high in price; not easily afforded; requiring much sacrifice; demanding much in return.
  2. Dear; valuable; priceless; of great worth.

costume (-s), n. [Fr. < It. 'custom, use, wont, fashion, guise, habit, manner'; see custom, n.] (webplay: manners).

Clothing; attire; outfit; apparel.

costumeless, adj. [see costume, n.]

Exposed; revealed; not concealed; without disguise.

cotemporaneous, adj. [L. contemporāne-us, contemporary.]

Current; coeval; present; existing contemporaneously; occurring at the same period of time.