Lexicon: cruising – crush

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cruising, verbal adj. [see cruise, v.]

Moving; traveling; advancing.

crumb (-s), n. [OE cruma.] (webplay: bread, rich, small, soft, table).

  1. Piece; inner part of a loaf, as opposed to the outer part; [metaphor] sacrament morsel; [fig.] word; phrase; line of verse.
  2. Fragment; particle; small piece of food.
  3. Thing; [fig.] price; reciprocal gesture; repayment of kindness.
  4. Stone; chip; fleck; flake; piece of rock; grain of sand.
  5. Scrap; left-over; [fig.] minimal subsistence; insufficient meal; beggar's portion.
  6. Drop; small amount.

crumble (-d), v. [EME perhaps < OE or L.] (webplay: fall).

Fragment; disintegrate; collapse; fall apart; break into small pieces.

crumbless, adj. [see crumb, n.] (webplay: fed, fell, soft).

Lacking; hungry; destitute; without even crumbs of food.

crumbling, n. [see crumble, v.]

Disintegration; deterioration; destruction; falling apart.

crumbling, verbal adj. [see crumble, v.]

  1. Broken; [fig.] staccato; [metaphor] scared; nervous.
  2. Faltering; failing; weak; decaying; falling apart.

crumpled, verbal adj. [OE crump < crumb; see crumb, n.]

Wrinkled; furrowed; creased together by compression.

crunch (-es), v. [recent variation of Sc. craunch < Du. schranzen, split, break.]

Chew; crush; mash; grind with the teeth; bite with a cracking noise.

crusade (-'s), n. [mod. Fr. croisade < croiser, to cross, lit. being crossed, crossing or marking with the cross, taking the cross.]

Pilgrimage; religious quest; Christian military expedition to the Holy Land.

crush, v. [OFr croissir, gnash the teeth, crash, crack, smash, break.]

Smash; squash; ruin; completely destroy; overwhelm by pressure.