Lexicon: commander – common

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commander, n. [OFr.] (webplay: children, fortress, world).

Chief; officer in charge of a military force.

commandment, n. [OFr.]

Law; statute; ordinance; injunction; mandate; authoritative order; [fig.] divine directive.

commemorate, v. [L. commemorare, to bring to remembrance, make mention of.] (webplay: dying, love).

  1. Represent; symbolize; serve as a reminder for.
  2. Celebrate; remember; call to remembrance; preserve in memory by means of a ritual meal.

commence (-s), v. [ME comence]

Begin; start.

commend, v. [L. commendare, to commit to any one's charge, entrust, recommend.]

  1. Praise; compliment; recommend; [fig.] offer; present.
  2. Give; commit; entrust for safe keeping; deliver up with confidence.

commensurate, adj. [L. commensurat-us < mensurare, to measure.]

Similar; comparable; of equal extent; with like magnitude.

commentator (-s), n. [L. < commentari, inventor, author.]

Reporter; observer; reviewer; one who explains; person who analyzes a situation.

commerce, n. [Fr. < L. commercium, trade, trafficking.] (webplay: inland, skies, trade).

Trade; business; market; interchange of goods; exchange of merchandise; [fig.] function; operation; collaboration; mutually beneficial co-existence.

commit (-ted), v. [ME committe < L. committ-ere, to put together, join, to put for safety, give in charge, entrust, deliver.] (webplay: hands, letters).

  1. Entrust; give in charge.
  2. Deliver; commend; put into place; trust to be kept safe; hand over for safe keeping.

common (-er, -est), adj. [early ME co(m)mun < early L. munis, obliging, ready to be of service.] (webplay: bud, children, church, confirmed, customs, earth, estate, estimation, equally, excellence, flowers, habits, land, life, lower, man, many, mean, owner, privileges, process, rank, records, right, superior, tenants, time, use, woman).

  1. Usual; ordinary; like any other.
  2. Familiar; less distinguished; of lower prestige; undistinguished by superior characteristics.
  3. Communal; general; belonging equally to all.