Lexicon: capuchin – care

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capuchin, n. [Fr. < It. capuche, hood.]

Hood; cowl; stuff-cap; gray cloak; brown mantle; Franciscan robe with head covering; women's garment similar to the dress of capuchin monks; [fig.] crown; top; crest covered by feathers.

caput, n. [L. 'head'.]

Chief; head; [fig.] valedictorian; excellent one; superior student; top of the class; [metaphor] conqueror; vanquisher; [word play] valetudinarian; weak person; broken one.

car (-s), n. [ME < ONFr < Late L. carra, two-wheeled wagon for transporting burdens.]

  1. Carriage; wagon; vehicle on wheels; small horse-drawn conveyance; means of transportation for human passengers; [fig.] mourner; coach in a funeral procession.
  2. Cargo vehicle; shipping box; freight compartment; railway loading container.

caravan, n. [Persian.] (webplay: along, company, deserts, place).

  1. Company; procession; group of travelers; band of pilgrims; troupe of merchants; [fig.] trail; path; road; [metaphor] line of colorful sunset clouds.
  2. Convoy; fleet; host; legion; escort; wagon train; line of vehicles; [fig.] bleating flock; noisy herd; loud troop; audible assembly.
  3. Circus; parade; road show; marching band; traveling exhibit; [fig.] time periods; passing of seasons.

carbon, n. [Fr. < L. carbo, coal, charcoal.]

Non-metallic substance; black amorphous material; compressed remains of ancient plant matter; key component in the composition of living things; source of charcoal and diamonds; “C” on the periodic table of elements; chemical element that has an atomic number of 6.

carbonate (-s), n. [or v.; Fr. < mod. L.; see carbon.]

Chemical compound; union of carbonic acid with a base; [category shift, verb] broil; char; incinerate; burn to ashes; turn to dust; return to basic elements.

card, n. [Fr. < It. carta, leaf of paper < L. charta, papyrus leaf, paper.]

Note; pasteboard message; short polite letter; piece of stationary; written notice for calling on someone; small stiff rectangle of paper used for announcing a visit.

cardinal, adj. [Fr. < L. cardinal-is, hinge, principal, chief.]

  1. Red cloaked priest; religious leader wearing a purple mantel; ecclesiastical prince clothed in scarlet; [word play] grosbeak; North American songbird with brilliant red plumage; [fig.] divine glow; heavenly source of intense light; horizon points at sunrise or sunset.
  2. Phrase. “Cardinal Flower”: scarlet lobelia; spike with blossoms; beautiful single-petal bloom; colorful perennial plant that grows in the woods.

care (-s), n. [OE caru < common Germanic karar, bed of trouble or sickness.] (webplay: broken, degree, esteem, looking, mind, mother, tuned).

  1. Expertise; attention; skill; meticulousness; thoughtfulness; thoroughness; scrupulousness.
  2. Maintenance; sustenance; upkeep; duty; responsibility; (see Luke 10:34).
  3. Charge; guardianship; keeping; oversight; supervision; trust; stewardship; [fig.] refuge; safety; protection; (see 2 Corinthians 11:28).
  4. Interest; focus; regard; business; (see 1 Corinthians 9:9).
  5. Concern; angst; anxiety; fear; caution; distress; worry; uneasiness; solicitude; (see 1 Corinthians 12:25).
  6. Pain; sorrow; grief; trouble; burden; [fig.] sound; cry; noise; complaint; expression of distress.
  7. Love; charity; tenderness; sensitivity; (see 2 Corinthians 8:16).
  8. Calling; mission; assignment; divine appointment.
  9. Phrase. “Take care”: show respect; be wary; watch out; think again.

care (-d), v. [see care, n.] (webplay: beat, bidding, broken, caution, driving, heed, less, looking, mind, mournful, sound, strain, tuned, value, vex, waste).

  1. Worry; have anxiety; show concern; express uneasiness; (see 1 Corinthians 7:33).
  2. Think; feel interested; (see Deuteronomy 11:12).
  3. Bother; consider; notice; pay attention; feel concern; show interest; (see Mark 4:38).
  4. Like; wish; need; want to; feel inclined; have a desire to.
  5. Show sympathy; exhibit compassion; manifest charity; (see John 12:6).
  6. Fear; act cautiously.
  7. Listen; heed; mind; answer; respond; pay attention.
  8. Have a fancy; have a longing; express a yearning.
  9. Phrase. “Care for”: like; want; prefer; wish to have; [fig.] benefit from.