Lexicon: charger – chase

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charger (-s), n. [ME < AFr. chargeour, that which loads; or L. carricatorium, utensil for loading.]

Cavalry horse; fast steed; winged courier on horseback; [fig.] hastiness; speediness; [metaphor] second; moment; minute; hour.

chariot (-s, -'s), n. [OFr.] (webplay: borne).

  1. Car; two-wheeled carriage pulled by horses; vehicle used anciently for transportation; [fig.] heavenly vehicle (see 2 Kings 2:11).
  2. Conveyance; transport; [fig.] overwhelming feeling; surge of emotion.

charity, n. [OFr < L. caritāt-em, dearness, high price, fondness, affection.]

  1. Grace; kindness; love; the utmost form of love and goodness.
  2. Alms; donation; help for the poor; food for the hungry; aid for the less fortunate.

charm (-s), n. [ME < Fr. charme, charm < L. carmen, song, verse, oracular response, incantation.]

Appeal; attraction; bewitchment; captivation; enchantment; fascination; lure.

charm (-ed), v. [see charm, n.]

Captivate; enchant; enthrall; entrance; please greatly; delight irresistibly.

charming, verbal adj. [see charm, n.]

Delightful; enchanting; heavenly; giving great pleasure; providing much joy.

chart, n. [OFr charte, card, map < L. charta, paper, leaf of paper; later also 'card, chart, map', etc.]

Map; docket; itinerary; schedule; travel guide; diagram with directions for a voyage; [possible allusion to Hopper's hymn text: “Chart and compass come from Thee; Jesus, Savior, pilot me”.]

chart (charted), v. [see chart, n.]

Plan; plot; lay out; show the location for; give directions for geographically; [fig.] record; remember.

charter, n. [ME < L. cartula, charter, small paper or writing.] (webplay: rights).

  1. Contract; certificate; letter; license; legal document; bestowal of rights; granting of privileges; written instrument that is evidence of an agreement; [fig.] scripture; revelation; poetic inspiration; [metaphor] covenant; vow; mutual promise.
  2. Validation; certified authenticity.

chase (-d, -ing), v. [ME < late L. capture, seize, catch.] (webplay: fame, follow, running, hunting, object, sea, seeking, taking).

  1. Pursue; try to apprehend; follow with the intent of overtaking.
  2. Run after; move in a hurry; shift quickly as a result of contact; [prothesis] chasing; [fig.] fling up; be tossed around.
  3. Approach rapidly; draw near with haste; [fig.] transform into.