Lexicon: courtier – covet

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courtier (-s), n. [AFr < OFr cortoyer, to be at or frequent the court; see court, v.]

Nobility; [plural] lords and ladies; attendants at court; associates of a monarch; those who stand in the presence of royalty.

courting, verbal n. [see court, n.]

Phrase. “A courting”: wooing; sharing love; soliciting romance; expressing admiration; seeking a mate; attempting to win companionship.

courtship, n. [see court, n.] (webplay: love, woos).

Suit; solicitation; proposal of marriage; [fig.] invitation to enter into a covenant relationship.

covenant, adj. [OFr convenant, < L. 'agree', 'come together'.]

Steadfast; constant; faithful; reliable, like the North Star; [fig.] compass; instrument that guides; [metaphor] gospel-oriented; leading to a promised land.

covenant, n. [OFr.]

Formal commitment; life under a marriage contract; [fig.] holy compact; alliance with deity; sacred agreement entailing promises and blessings; mutual relationship between a mortal and God.

cover (-ed, -s), v. [OFr < L. cooperīre, cover up, conceal.] (webplay: chariots, deceitful, face, hat, lay, night, notice, set, sight, soft).

  1. Hide; veil; conceal; put something over; place something over to obscure from view; [fig.] entomb; inter; bury underground for protection.
  2. Straddle; overlay; extend over; lay something around.
  3. Encompass; include; wrap up.
  4. Surround; engulf; overshadow; spread over completely.
  5. Phrase. “cover up”: hide; erase; obliterate; obscure completely; hide from view.

covered, verbal adj. [see cover, v.] (webplay: appearance, hat, spread, waters).

  1. Hidden; unknown; shrouded in mystery; unable to be determined.
  2. Veiled; shrouded; blocked; obscure; unclear because of something laying over it.

covert, adj. [OFr < L. cooperīre; see cover, v.] (webplay: exposed).

Secretive; sly; closed; concealed; not easily accessible.

covert, n. [Fr.; see covert, adj.]

  1. Shelter; sanctuary; asylum; safe place; protected location.
  2. Phrase. “Take covert”: hide; seek protection; find safety; have shelter; take cover.

covet (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OFr < L. cupiditāt-em, eager desire, cupidity.] (webplay: eagerness, possess).

  1. Want; pine; yearn; wish intensely.
  2. Seek to acquire; desire possession of; long for consummation with; (see Exodus 20:17).