Lexicon: cavil – ceiling

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cavil, n. [OFr cavill-er, mock, jest, rail < L. cavillari, practice jeering or mocking, satirize, reason captiously.]

Carping; quibbling; unnecessary objection; trivial argument.

caviler, n. [see cavil, n.]

Complainer; doubter; cynic; skeptic; kibitzer; faultfinder; person who raises trivial objections; one who stirs up disputes; [word play on cavalier, n.] knight; squire; gentleman; solider on horseback; gallant assigned to protect a lady according to the code of chivalry.

caw, n. [Imitative of the sound; OE ceo, crow, jay.]

Cry; call of a crow; [fig.] gossip; news flash; temporary adulation.

c'd, v. [see could, v.; contracted form.]

cease (-d, ceasing, -s), v. [ME < L. cessare, give over, stop.] (webplay: continual, forgotten, heaven, honor, quiet, remembrance, speaking, stop, wonder, works).

  1. Decline; refuse; cede; do not continue.
  2. End; conclude; desist; discontinue; stop; happen no more; come to an end; result in suspension.

ceaseless, adj. [see cease, v.] (webplay: land, wonder).

Continuous; endless; unending; unstinting; without stopping.

cedar, adj. [see cedar, n.] (webplay: grows).

  1. Towering; lofty; extremely high; [fig.] consecrated; hallowed; holy; reverential; sacred; dedicated to worship (see 2 Samuel 5:11); [kenning “Cedar Citadel”] temple; House of God.
  2. Wooden; sturdy; made of a fragrant coniferous tree; free of danger; resistant to destruction; protected from infestation by insects; [fig.] dauntless; firm; immovable; steadfast; unshakable; [kenning “cedar Feet”] trust; faith in Christ (see Matthew 14:25-29).
  3. Intricate; hardy; like a system of tree roots; [fig.] strong; having a good foundation; able to gather nourishment.
  4. Phrase. “Cedar Floor”: wooden floor-covering; [kenning] forest; grove of evergreen trees; [metaphor] entire household; whole family; [metonymy] neighborhood; community; general public.

cedar (-s), n. [ME.]

  1. Dense forest; thickly wooded area; mysterious place where trees stand close together; wood used to build the House of the Lord in the Old Testament (see 2 Samuel 7:2); [ellipsis of “Cedars of Lebanon”] temple; sanctuary built of wood (see 1 Kings 5:5-6).
  2. Remarkably sturdy tree; ancient plant that has withstood the forces of time and weather.
  3. Tree; [fig.] stout heart; steadfast spirit; strong person.

cede (-d), v. [Fr. < L. cedere, give way, yield, retreat.] (webplay: country).

Abdicate; surrender; yield; release; give up something; [fig.] free; liberate.

ceiling (-s), n. [ME ceil, canopy.]

  1. Rafter; upper plaster; top of a room; lining of the roof; highest part of a room; under-covering which conceals the timbers.
  2. Roof; dome; [fig.] sky; horizon; heaven.