Lexicon: career – carmine

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career (-s), n. [Fr. 'race course' < late L. carraria, carriage-road, road.] (webplay: place).

  1. Course; path; track; circuit; circumference; [fig.] journey; destiny; mission; lifestyle; way of life; sphere of influence; domain of action.
  2. Racing; running; fast movement; motion towards a destination; [fig.] job; business; competition; vocation; employment; professional progress; upward mobility.
  3. Circumstance; situation; [fig.] biography; lifetime; life span; life story; [metonymy] person; worker; mortal; human being.

careful, adj. [OE; see care, n.]

  1. Cautious; heedful; mindful; watchful; thoughtful; wary of danger; attentive to avoid risk; (see 2 Kings 4:13).
  2. Measured; conscientious; meticulous; circumspect; [adverbial] painstakingly plotted; scrupulously placed; [fig.] anxious; sorrowful; woeful; full of grief; (see Luke 10:41).

carefully, adv. [see careful, adj.] (webplay: shows).

  1. Watchfully; vigilantly; warily; [fig.] knowingly; earnestly; intentionally; (see Hebrews 12:17).
  2. Attentively; heedfully; intently; lovingly; providently; diligently; (see Philippians 2:27).

careless, adj. [OE; see care, n.]

  1. Cheerful; carefree; light-hearted; happy-go-lucky; not sorrowful.
  2. Confident; bold; positive; comfortable; (see Isaiah 32:9).
  3. Heedless; inattentive; indifferent; negligent; oblivious; without concern; [fig.] casual; nonchalant.

carelessly (careless), adv. [see careless, adj.]

  1. Casually; ignorantly; thoughtlessly; superficially.
  2. Unconsciously; fearlessly; unaware; unafraid; securely.
  3. Hastily; quickly; indifferently; without care; lacking concern.
  4. Artlessly; simply; heedlessly.

caress (-ed, -es), v. [Fr. 'caress, fondle' < It. < late L. carus, dear.]

  1. Touch softly; make physical contact; embrace with tenderness; [fig.] affect.
  2. Stroke; muss; tussle; [fig.] stimulate; agitate; make the skin crawl in; cause goose bumps in; activate hair erector muscles in.
  3. Squeeze; [fig.] draw; pull in; set off; cause to react.
  4. Cherish; treasure; care for; hold dear; dare to love; express affection for.

cargo (-es), n. [Sp. 'loading, burthen' < L.] (webplay: merchandise).

  1. Content; [fig.] moisture; fluid; water.
  2. Goods; lading; freight; weight; poundage; [fig.] body; mortality.
  3. Haul; treasure; shipment; load; [fig.] hope; value; worth.

Carlo, proper n. [L. < Germanic Karl, free man.]

Emily Dickinson's big brown dog (ca.1850-1865); canine who roamed outside with Dickinson; gift to Emily from her father, perhaps because Newfoundland dogs were famous for rescuing lost children; [allusions] main canine character in Ik Marvel's Reveries of a Bachelor; St. John River's dog in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre; [fig.] ally; mentor; instructor; “the noblest work of Art” (see ED letters).

carmine, adj. [Fr. or Sp. < med. L. < Sp. carmesí < Arab. qirmazi, crimson < Arab. qirmiz, alkermes, the scarlet grain insects; see crimson, adj.]

Red; crimson; scarlet; [fig.] floral; blooming; brightly-colored like flower petals.

carmine, n. [see carmine, adj.] (webplay: beautiful).

  1. Blood; [fig.] life force.
  2. Redness; rouge; blush; paint; rosiness; bright color; skin coloration; [fig.] bloom.