Lexicon: croon – crowded

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croon (-ed), v. [Sc. krøn; corresponds to Du. kreunen, groan, whimper, EFris. krönen, cause to weep.]

Murmur; chant; intone; speak softly; gently sing; relate in a singsong manner.

cross, adj. [aphetic form of across, adv.]

Irritable; cranky; disagreeable; annoyed; fretful; angry.

cross (cross'), n. [L. cruc-em.] (webplay: love, pass, patience, pile).

  1. Crucifix; execution pillory; structure upon which Jesus Christ was crucified; gibbet consisting of an upright post with a horizontal crossbar; [fig.] pain; hardship; trial; tribulation; torture; suffering, particularly that of Christ.
  2. Coin stamped with Christ's crucifix; [fig.] redemption price; atonement's demands; expiation by self-sacrifice.
  3. Crucified one; [metonymy] Savior; Redeemer.

cross (-ed), v. [see cross, n.] (webplay: circumstances, crook, draw, heaven, hinder, lands, lay, make, pass, perish, play, reverse, river, stop).

  1. Traverse; get across; go over; travel through; pass from one side to the other; [fig.] overcome; conquer; triumph over.
  2. Phrase. “Cross oneself”: trace the shape of a crucifix in the air; use a hand motion directly in front of one's chest to elicit divine protection.

crouch (-ed), v. [origin unknown.] (webplay: lie, low).

Stoop; bend down; lower oneself.

crow (-s), n. [OE cráwe.] (webplay: joy).

Bird of the genus Corvus; large black scavenger that has a distinctive, loud cry.

crow (-ing), v. [OE cráwan]

Croon; babble; gurgle; murmur; speak baby talk; vocalize as a newborn infant.

crowd (-s), n. [OE crúdan; related to MDu. crúdan, press, push.] (webplay: assembled, dun, memory, multitude, near, room, sea, seamanship, swarm).

  1. Throng; mob; dense multitude; unorganized mass gathered closely together.
  2. Group; congregation; constituency; gathering; organized assemblage; group of people gathered for a purpose.

crowd (-ed, -s), v. [see crowd, n.] (webplay: lower, room).

  1. Pack; cram; overwhelm; fill to excess; stuff past capacity; occupy with a crowd.
  2. Press; bring; force; thrust; push together; compress in a narrow space.
  3. Flock; throng; gather at; congregate around; descend upon as a group; assemble on in large numbers.
  4. Squeeze; inhibit; surround; suffocate; be all around; [fig.] stimulate; arouse; excite; overtake; overwhelm; stir up; make breathless.

crowded, verbal adj. [see crowd, n.] (webplay: close, great, lower, near, sea, throng).

  1. Full; packed; crammed; stuffed; made to contain many things; occupied by more than is really comfortable.
  2. Confined; inhibited; squeezed; scrunched; cramped; gathered closely together; [fig.] densely populated.