Lexicon: cap – capitol

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cap, n. [OE cæppe < It. cappa, cloak, cape, or cope.]

  1. Bonnet; crown; crest; cowl; head-covering; hood of a cloak; [fig.] head feathers.
  2. Pileum; top of a bird's head.
  3. Plug; ball; slug; bullet; detonating device; [fig.] thunder head; storm cloud; mass of unstable air.

capability (capabilities), n. [Fr. < L. cap-ere, to take.]

Capacity; competence; property; mental faculty; ability to receive; power competent to the object; realm of performance.

capacious, adj. [L.]

Ample; wide; large; broad; full; extensive; comprehensive; commodious; spacious; holding a large amount; [fig.] emotionally deep.

capacity, n. [F. capacité < L. capax, able take in.] (webplay: contain, idea, mind, power, room).

  1. Mental extent; power to understand; ability to comprehend.
  2. Providence; supply; provision; ability to give.
  3. Potential; possibility; propensity; disposition; tendency; competence; passive power.
  4. Ability; faculty; capability.
  5. Size; dominion; realm of action; sphere of influence.

cap-a-pie, adv. [OFr 'head to foot'.]

Phrase. “cap-a-pie”: totally; completely; fully dressed; putting on full armor; (see Ephesians 6:11).

cape, n. [Fr. < L. caput, head.]

Point; promontory; foreland; head-land; neck of land; narrow piece of shore extending out into the sea; [fig.] furthest extremity; outermost limit.

caper (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. capriole, wild goat; see a caper, v.] (webplay: dancing, flowers, prance).

  1. Play; cavort; frolic; romp; rollick; spring up; move energetically; run about in a lively manner.
  2. Rejoice; revel; exult; jubilate; jump for joy; [fig.] laugh; express happiness for another.

caper, verbal adj. [see caper, v.] (webplay: dancing).

Lively; playful; cavorting; frolicking; leaping; prancing; romping; skipping; springing; [fig.] hopeful; having a will to live.

capital, n. [Fr. < L. capital-is; in legal and ecclesiastical use.] (webplay: state).

  1. Stock; storage; inventory; holdings; savings for a rainy day.
  2. Head; chief; leader; principal part; [fig.] metropolis; seat of government; main center of a country.

capitol, n. [ME < L. caput, head; see capital.] (webplay: assembled, place, town-house).

Citadel; fortress; city on a hill; [fig.] cemetery; graveyard; necropolis; [word play] place of many headstones.