Lexicon: companion – compassion

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companion, n. [OFr < late L. conpanium, company.] (webplay: friend, meeting).

Partner; fellow; supportive associate; one who accompanies another; [lit.] one to share bread with; [fig.] follower; disciple; believer.

company (companies), n. [OFr; see companion, n.] (webplay: bear, entertainment, fleet, frequent, house, invitation, keep, men, party, pleasure, society).

  1. Society; community; associates; acquaintances; folks; [fig.] fellow creatures.
  2. Group; host; assembly; band.
  3. Companionship; fellowship.
  4. Guests; social gathering.
  5. Phrase. “Part company”: separate; cease to be companions; go in different directions.

comparative, adj. [L. comparativ-us, of or pertaining to comparison.] (webplay: anatomy).

Phrase. “Comparative Anatomy”: forensic anthropology; sub-field of archeology; study of the human body; [possibly] Darwinism; biology; phylogeny; comparison of organisms; evolution of species; study of similarities and differences in living things.

comparative, n. [see comparative, adj.] (webplay: quality).

Similarity; likeness; [grammar] superiority; nonpareil; better character; more pure essence of being; [phrase “Through their Comparative”] in comparison with them.

comparatively, adv. [see comparative, adj.] (webplay: finer).

Relatively; through contrast; by observing similarities; by considering differences.

compare (-d), v. [OFr < L. compara-re, to pair together, couple, match, bring together.] (webplay: pain, sea, stop, trouble).

  1. Be similar; seem equal to.
  2. Examine for similarities and differences.

comparison, n. [OFr; see compare, v.] (webplay: estimate, eyes).

Analysis; evaluation; inspection; scrutiny; examining for similarities and differences.

compass, n. [Fr. compas, measure, pair of compasses, circle < Sp. compas, rule of life, pattern.]

Guiding tool; instrument that wanderers use to gauge direction; instrument with an arrow that indicates the polar North orientation; [possible allusion to Hopper's hymn text: “Chart and compass come from Thee; Jesus, Savior, pilot me”.]

compass (-ed), v. [Fr. compasse-r, measure, design, contrive, regulate, adjust; see compass, n.]

  1. Comprehend; grasp; finish; get within reach.
  2. Achieve; reach; arrive at; travel to; be led to; follow the way to.

compassion, n. [Fr. compassion < late L. compassion-em, to suffer together with, feel pity.]

  1. Concern; love; caring; empathy; charity; kindness; sympathy; deep feeling.
  2. Phrase: “take compassion”: have pity, feel sorry for; [fig.] look after; care for; give relief.