Lexicon: central – certainty

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central, adj. [L. 'central'; (see centre).]

  1. Inner; coming from the inside; interior of the soul of a person.
  2. Key; crucial; essential; fundamental; innermost; at the core; near the center.

central, adv. [see central, adj.]

Foremost; dominantly; most importantly; with greatest influence.

centre (-s), n. [Fr. < L. centr-um, center of rotation < Gk. κεντρον, sharp point, stationary point of a pair of compasses.]

  1. Core; interior; inner domain; point of origin; [fig.] soul.
  2. Essence; nucleus; [fig.] aspiration; goal; focus; ultimate point; main purpose.
  3. The midst; the middle; the central point; farthest point away from home.
  4. House; institution; habitation; [metonymy] city; village; market; town; community; gathering place; cluster of dwellings.

century (centuries), n. [Fr. centurie or L. centuria, an assemblage or division of one hundred things.] (webplay: company, enacting, people, time, years).

  1. Era; epoch; period of time lasting one hundred years; [personification] very long time.
  2. Phrase. “once a Century”: about one time in a hundred years.

cerement (-s), n. [Fr. 'a waxing, a searing, a dressing, closing, covering, or mingling with wax'.]

Shroud; winding-sheet; burial garment, often covered with wax; [fig.] constraints of death; limits of mortality.

ceremonious, adv. [Fr. < L. cærimoniosus, ceremony.]

Rigidly formal; strictly observant; [fig.] stony; like cement.

certain, adj. [OFr < late L. cert-us, determined, settled, sure.] (webplay: death, number, states, true, undoubted).

  1. Particular; specific.
  2. Assured; confident; positive; sure.

certain, adv. [see certain, adj.]

Surely; just as sure as.

certainly, adv. [see certain, adj.] (webplay: doubt, man, righteous).

Definitely; surely; undoubtedly.

certainty (certainties), n. [OFr; (see certain).] (webplay: fact, God, know, mind, real, truth).

  1. Reality; factual person; living being; actual man still alive on earth; [fig.] more than a name.
  2. Faith; faithfulness; fidelity; complete trust.
  3. Conviction; sureness; surety.