Lexicon: close – clothes

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close (-r), adv. [see close, adj.] (webplay: book, day, door, eyes, fast, high, key, lid, life, night, manner, move, pause, place, pressing, rest, shuts, stopping, tight, time, up).

  1. Near; nearby; in immediate proximity.
  2. Tight; shut solidly; fast, so as to leave no interstices, outlets, or openings.

close, n. [see close, v.] (webplay: day, eyes, final, gate, land, lid, life, low, night, open, separate, wound).

End; conclusion; termination; finishing part; [fig.] death.

close (-d, -s), v. [ME < OFr < L. claud-ere, to shut, close.] (webplay: attending, book, bore, cover, eyes, day, door, gate, lid, life, low, night, open, parts, pause, shut, shutter, tight, time, up, whole).

  1. End; finish; terminate; conclude; [fig.] die.
  2. Stop; block; shut.
  3. Shut; bring parts into near contact; come together into contact or union.
  4. Cover; inclose; encompass.

closed, verbal adj. [see close, v.] (webplay: place, plank).

Shut; inaccessible.

closely, adv. [see close, adj.]

Carefully; with keen attention; by thorough investigation.

closet, n. [OFr < L. clausum; see close, adj.] (webplay: shut).

  1. Chamber; cupboard; wine cabinet.
  2. Small room; storage place; [fig.] body; mind.
  3. Compartment; [fig.] area of the brain.

closing, n. [see close, v.] (webplay: eyes, gate, land, lid, life, low, night, open, wound).

Shutting; lowering; [metonymy] sleeping; resting.

closing, verbal adj. [see close, v.] (webplay: day, earth, Lord).

  1. Shutting; drawing close together, as the petals of a flower; [fig.] ending; dying; concluding.
  2. Setting; going down.

cloth, n. [OE.] (webplay: clothes, raiment).

Fabric; woven material; covering formed by weaving of threads; dry goods used for garments and other purposes.

clothes, n. [OE; original plural of cloth.] (webplay: coats, raiment).

  1. Garments; coverings for the body; [fig.] leaves on a tree.
  2. Apparel; garb; raiment; [fig.] body; embodiment; incarnation; encasing for the spirit of a being.
  3. Rags; duds.