Lexicon: check – cherish

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check, v. [ME.] (webplay: bend, money, rope, stop).

  1. Curb; restrain; hold back; stop movement of.
  2. Silence; mute; hush; dampen; interrupt; make quiet.
  3. Phrase. “Check on”: delay; detain; postpone; cause to wait; put a hold on; slow the course of.

cheek (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: below, eyes, chin, closeness, face, head, near, printing-press, trees).

  1. Buccal area; both sides of the face below the eyes; [fig.] petal; bloom.
  2. Skin of the face between the nose and the ear.

cheeked, verbal adj. [see cheek, n.] (webplay: eyes).

Phrase. “Redder cheeked”: with rose-colored petals; bedecked with red blossoms.

cheer (-s), n. [ME < late L. cara, face, countenance.] (webplay: call, invitation, jollity, life, news, sorrow, soul, sun, words).

  1. Shout of approval; cry of encouragement; exclamation of joy.
  2. Gladness; happiness; joy; buoyant feelings; condition of well-being; state of good spirits.

cheer (-ed), v. [see cheer, n.] (webplay: countenance, good, life, soul).

Buoy; encourage; hearten; inspire; lift; motivate; raise the spirits of.

cheerful, adj. [see cheer, n.]

Happy; lighthearted; joyful; in good spirits.

chemical, adj. [post-classical L. chemicus; see chemist, n.]

Scientific; material; natural; empirically substantiated; based on a law of physics; resulting from a logical study of matter.

chemist, n. [Fr. chimiste; NW says “the wonderful art of making gold and silver, and all that should be found to be committed to the flames”.]

Physical scientist; one versed in the science of chemistry; one who investigates the physical properties of matter, often by exposing elements to fire.

chemistry, n. [see chemical, adj.]

Chemical composition; molecular structure; material substance; [fig.] content; basic structural makeup.

cherish (-ed, -es, -ing), v. [ME < Fr. cherir, cherish, hold dear.] (webplay: comfort, fair, growth, heart).

  1. Honor; revere; remember fondly; hold dear; think about.
  2. Encourage; consider fondly; keep in mind.
  3. Guard; protect; watch over.
  4. Cultivate; foster; nurture; tend; care for.
  5. Comfort; embrace; hold onto; cling to physically.
  6. Esteem; treasure; value; love.