Lexicon: crashing – create

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crashing, verbal adj. [see crash, v.] (webplay: earth, falling).

Breaking; splintering; falling apart.

crater, n. [L. crāter, bowl, basin, aperture of a volcano < Gk. κρατηρ, mixing-vessel.] (webplay: volcano).

Vent; volcano's opening; volcanic peak; eruption site; cone-shaped orifice.

cravat, n. [Fr.]

Scarf; kerchief; band worn around the neck and tied in the front; [fig.] neck feathers.

crave (-d), v. [OE < Da. kræve, demand, require, exact.] (webplay: importunity).

  1. Wish; will; bequeath; bid.
  2. Desire; want; hope for; long for.

crawl (-ed, -s), v. [ME < Norse kravle.] (webplay: cavern, feet, flesh, hands, hardly, human, knees, sea, stir).

Creep; slide; inch; move slowly.

crayon (-s), n. [Fr. < L. creta, chalk.] (webplay: pencil).

Pastel; colored pencil; pointed stick of colored wax used for drawing.

creak, v. [ME; echoic of crake and croke.]

Scrape; squeak; grate; make a sharp sound due to weight, pressure, or strain.

crease (-s), n. [Origin unknown.] (webplay: groove, made).

  1. Shadow; nook; corner; cranny; crevice; hidden recess.
  2. Furrow; line; ridge; ripple; wave; undulation.
  3. Wrinkle; [fig.] withering; drooping; shrinking; shriveling.
  4. Plot; grave; tomb; burial chamber.
  5. Dent; fold; pleat.

crease (-d), v. [Origin unknown.]

Fold; double over; make a pleat in.

create (-d, -s), v. [L. creāt-, produce, make, create.] (webplay: exist, God, heart, heaven).

Make; form; generate; produce; manufacture; be the parent of.