Lexicon: call – cambric

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call (-s, -ed, -eth), v. [OE & ME < ON kalla, cry, summon in a loud voice, call by a name, assert, claim.] (webplay: action, angel, bidden, claim, come, fight, God, heaven, justice, keep, legislative, memory, name, neighbors, sailors, solemnly, stop).

  1. Declare; announce; consider; affirm; assert; proclaim; regard as; claim to be; assert strongly.
  2. Invite; summon; command; send for; request to come; bid the presence of.
  3. Name; term; designate; denominate; address as; give someone a title; (see Ruth 1:20).
  4. Exclaim; cry out; speak aloud; utter audibly.
  5. Ring; peal; emit sound; communicate the time by repeated tones.
  6. Visit; come by; drop by; look in; stop by without intention of staying.
  7. Ask; pray; invoke; implore; petition; plea; return to talk.
  8. Phrase. “Call away”: take in death; cause to die; transfer to the life hereafter.

caller (-s), verbal n. [see call, v.]

Visitor; guest; passerby; someone who comes by; person that stops by for a short time; [fig.] bird; nesting fowl.

calling, n. [see call, v.]

Occupation; profession; trade; vocation; business; line of work; [fig.] purpose; mission; destiny; usefulness; status in life.

calm, adj. [see calm, n.]

Peaceful; passive; placid; serene; tranquil; undisturbed; steadily gazing; without agitation; free from emotion.

calm, n. [ME.]

  1. Quiet; silence; stillness; poise; self-control; [fig.] meditation; contemplation; introspection.
  2. Composure; safety; security; serenity; peace; tranquility; free from overwhelming emotion; [fig.] still water; lull before a storm; eye of a hurricane; lack of disturbance on the sea; (see Psalms 107:29).

calmness, n. [see calm, n.]

Composure; poise; patience; restraint; self-control; self-possession.

calumny (calumnies), n. [L. and Fr.]

Slander; belittling; defamation; denigration; deprecation; false accusation; stinging remark; malicious report with no facts.

Calvary (Calvaries), proper n. [L. < Aramaic gulgulta, place of the skull.] (webplay: cross, crucified, death, Savior).

  1. Good Friday; execution of Christ; [fig.] agony; anguish; misery; pain; unhappiness; woe; wretchedness.
  2. Offering; passion; sacrifice on behalf of another; [fig.] salvation; redemption.
  3. Nostalgia ; self-pity; personal suffering; [historical] church in San Francisco that Charles Wadsworth transferred to in May 1862.
  4. Dirge; lament; requiem; threnody; sacrament hymn.
  5. Atonement; expiation; excruciating punishment; death of Christ on the cross.
  6. Grief; bereavement; mourning.
  7. Mount of execution; hill west of Jerusalem; place where Jesus Christ died on the cross [see Luke 23:33 and ED letters.]
  8. Phrase. “Empress of Calvary”: woman of sorrows; queen of grief; bereaved bride of a departed loved one.

calyx, n. [L. < Gk κάλυξ, outer covering of a fruit, flower, or bud.] (webplay: flower, plant).

  1. Shell; husk; pod; perianth; cup-like base; outer covering of a blossom; termination of a plant's cortical epidermis; green leaves that support the bottom of a corolla.
  2. Basin; container; [fig.] receptacle for colorful blossoms; recipient of chromatic sunset light.

cambric, adj. [Flemish < L.]

Gauzy; gossamer; fine-spun; wearing white linen; dressed in white cloth from Cambrai in Flanders; [fig.] smooth; genteel; polite; prosperous; affluent; deceptively easy.