Lexicon: crimson – crooked

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crimson, adj. [ME cremesin with “r” metathesis < Sp. carmesí < Arab. qirmazi, crimson < Arab. qirmiz, alkermes, the scarlet grain insect; see carmine, adj.] (webplay: cheeks, red).

Red; scarlet; ruby; deep reddish-purple color.

crimson, n. [see crimson, adj.] (webplay: become, modesty).

Red; [metonymy] brightly colored petals.

crisis, n. [L. < Gk. κρίσις, discrimination, decision, crisis.] (webplay: arrived, death, event, fever, hour, point, time).

  1. An emergency; a difficulty; a bad situation; a decisive stage in a process; an unexpected state of events demanding urgent action.
  2. Recovery; the turning point; [fig.] release from pain by death.

criterion, adj. [see criterion, n.]

Evaluative; analytical; discriminative; discerning.

criterion, n. [Gk. κριτήριου, means for judging, test, standard.] (webplay: rule, standard).

  1. Standard; measure; gauge; test.
  2. Requirement; principle by which a thing is judged.

critic (-s), n. [L. critic-us < Gk. κριτικός, critical person, critic.]

Fault-finder; condemner; negative person; one who criticizes; one who passes judgement.

critical, adj. [see critic, n.]

Discriminating; careful; exact; analytical; precise in judgment.

criticize, v. [see critic, n.]

Judge; belittle; condemn; find fault with.

crocus (-es), n. [L. < Gk. κρόκος, crocus < Heb. karkōm, crocus, saffron.] (webplay: red).

Early spring flower; hardy dwarf bulb plant with brightly colored blossoms; [fig.] symbol of spring; sign of the resurrection.

crooked, adj. [ME crōk < ON krókr, crook, hook, barb, trident.] (webplay: bent).

  1. Rolling; winding; uneven; of various heights.
  2. Twisted; skewed; deflected; abnormal.