Lexicon: cobweb – co-eternity

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cobweb, n. [see cobweb, adj.] (webplay: filament).

  1. Fine network; filament pattern spun by a spider; [fig.] frail structure.
  2. Accumulation; residue; collection of dust which ought to be swept away; [fig.] sign of the passing of time.

cochineal, adv. [Fr. < L. coccinum, scarlet robe or vesture.]

In red; with brilliant scarlet color.

cochineal, n. [see cochineal, adj.] (webplay: dyeing, gathered, giving, red).

  1. Dye; coloring agent derived from the insect Coccus cacti of Mexico and elsewhere.
  2. Red; brilliant scarlet color.

cock (-s), n. [Ger. kocke, heap of hay, also of dung.] (webplay: carting, hay).

Shock; cone-shaped bundle of hay.

cockade, n. [Fr. cocarde < coquard, foolishly proud, saucy, malapert.] (webplay: worn).

Military decoration; ribbon worn on the hat by military officers.

cocoa, n. [Port. and Span. < L. cocus, to grin, grimace.]

Coco; coconut; fruit of the coco palm tree; round food with a shell that has a face-shaped mark at its base.

cocoon, n. [Fr. coque, shell.] (webplay: silk-worm).

  1. Casing; oblong insect home; tubular structure spun by the larvae of insects during the chrysalis stage; soft shell from which silkworms and caterpillars emerge as butterflies.
  2. Body; receptacle; container of life; [fig.] mortality and death; limited mortal state before resurrection.
  3. Pod; soft protecting shell; [fig.] habitation; house; residence.
  4. Tabernacle; tent; [fig.] tomb; catacomb; grave; confinement; prison.
  5. Outer covering; [fig.] clothing; material; garment of silken threads.

code (-s), n. [Fr. < L. codex, later spelling of caudex, trunk of a tree, wooden tablet, book, code of laws.]

Law; regulation; statute; commandment; set of rules.

codicil, n. [L. caudex, trunk of tree, wooden tablet, book, code of laws.]

Attachment; adjunct; supplement to a will; passage added by a testator for altering a legal trust; [fig.] decoy; distraction.

co-eternity, n. [co- < L. prep. com-, together, in company, jointly, equally + eternity, n.]

Infinite companion; equally timeless entity; existence from age to age.