Lexicon: celebrate – centipede

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celebrate (-d, -s), v. [L. celebr-em, honored by a great assembly, renowned.] (webplay: mention).

  1. Commemorate; observe with feasting; mark with festivities; remember with rejoicing.
  2. Perform; participate in; observe the holiness of; hold a ceremony for; [fig.] chant; sing; make sacred funeral music for.

celebrated, verbal adj. [see celebrate, v.]

Festive; acclaimed; extolled; notable; renowned; [fig.] holy; religious; sacred to a church; set apart for feasting; [phrase “Celebrated Days”] holidays.

celerity, n. [ME celerite < L. celer, swift.]

Quickness; rapidity; speedy effect; swift action.

celestial, adj. [OFr < L. cælum, sky, heaven.] (webplay: delight, purity).

  1. Enlightened; illuminated; full of light; [fig.] sanctified; hallowed; transfigured; spiritually translated.
  2. Luminous; divine; heavenly; holy.
  3. Saintly; fit for the presence of God; [fig.] eternal.
  4. Spotless; immaculate; absolutely clean; dressed in pure white.
  5. Godly; powerful.
  6. Exalted; glorious; supernal; resplendent; otherworldly; transcendental; of the highest degree of glory; (see 1 Corinthians 15:40-41).
  7. Higher; superior; most excellent.
  8. Perfect; complete; with charity that never fails; [fig.] Christ-like.
  9. Phrase. “celestial Mail”: armor of God; priesthood garments; ceremonial clothing worn in the most holy place (see Exodus 26:33-34); [kenning] endowment; investiture; atonement; holy ordinance; temple covenant.

cell (-s), n. [ME < L. cella, small apartment, slave's room, store-closet, prison cell.]

  1. Unit; minute biological sack; little bag of organic matter; building block of life; small compartment in the organs of a human body.
  2. Cubicle; stall; booth; cloister; individual's room in a religious residence; dwelling place that holds just one person; [fig.] casket; coffin; sepulcher; burial chamber.
  3. Room; confinement; prison space; place for holding someone as punishment for offences; [fig.] lot; deal; parcel; tract in the promised land.

cellar (-s), n. [ME celer < L. cellarium, set of cells, receptacle for food; see cell, n.] (webplay: house).

  1. Burrow; hole in the ground.
  2. Depth; interior; low place.
  3. Basement; underground storage space; area under a house for storing food and provisions.

cenotaph, n. [Fr. < Gk. kenotapian, kenos empty + tapos tomb.]

Empty tomb; sepulchral monument; statue erected in honor of a deceased person whose body is elsewhere.

censure, v. [Fr.]

Condemn; chasten; reprehend; find fault with; [fig.] buffet; batter; blow with force upon.

cent (-s), n. [Fr. 'hundred'; see per cent, n.]

centipede, n. [L. 'centipede'.]

Worm; small vermiform; caterpillar-like insect with many feet.