Lexicon: caprice – capture

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caprice (-s), n. [Fr., It. capriccio, sudden start, motion, or freak; see caper, v.]

Impulse; vagary; abrupt change; sudden alteration in behavior.

Capricorn, proper n. [L. 'goat horned'.]

Constellation; star pattern; Milky Way; zodiac sign shaped like a goat with a fish's tail; solstice sector which the sun enters about the 21st of December; [fig.] winter sky; starry night; mystery of nature; heavenly resting place.

capsule (-s, -'s), n. [Fr. < L. capsula, small box or case.] (webplay: many-seeded).

  1. Container; case; small chest; enclosure for holding; [fig.] cranium; skull; braincase.
  2. Pod; shell; pericarp; dried plant ovary; thin-walled container for spores; seedcase which opens when a flower is ripe; [fig.] sky; heaven; firmament; atmosphere; Milky Way.
  3. Area; realm; domain; sphere; circumstance.

captain, n. [ME < late L. capitane-us, chief, principal.]

Chief sailor; naval master; commander of a ship; main officer for a sea vessel; [fig.] leader; highest authority; most striking figure.

caption, n. [L. caption-em, taking.]

Title; heading; headline; superscript; [legal] preamble; certificate; declaration; signature on a document; [fig.] epitaph; grave inscription for Abraham Lincoln who was assassinated in April 1865.

captivate (-d, -s), v. [Late L.; see captive, n.]

Subdue; imprison; seize by force; bring into bondage; [fig.] charm; enchant; fascinate; amaze; mesmerize; magnetize; enthrall.

captive, adj. [see captive, n.]

Incarcerated; interned; imprisoned; kept in bondage; [fig.] dead; deceased; caught in mortality; (see Isaiah 51:14).

captive (-s), n. [Fr. < L. captiv-us, taken prisoner.]

  1. Invalid; shut-in; person unable to go out; someone in need of comfort.
  2. Prisoner; person without freedom; one who is confined; someone taken by force; [fig.] slave; bond-servant; (see Luke 4:18).

captivity, n. [ME < Fr. or < L.; see captive.] (webplay: enemy).

Bondage; slavery; thralldom; imprisonment; servitude; subjection; state of being controlled; [fig.] embodiment; incarnation; mortality; (see Ephesians 4:8).

capture, n. [Fr. < L. 'taking, seizing'.]

Prize; treasure; acquisition; attainment.