Lexicon: condescending – confided

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condescending, verbal adj. [see condescend, v.] (webplay: descend, friend).

Courteous; obliging; attentive to the needs of those in a lower position.

condescension, n. [see condescend, v.]

Acquiescence; assent; an example of submission; a model of humility; voluntary descent in rank; loss of status in order to aid inferiors; [fig.] mortal; willing to suffer and die with human beings because of His pure life and perfect love.

condition (-s), n. [ME condicion < L. condiciōn-em, compact, stipulation, agreement upon terms.]

  1. Situation; circumstance.
  2. Requirement; stipulation; prerequisite.
  3. Mode; state of being.

conduct, n. [OFr conduit and L. condūcěre, to conduct, conduce.] (webplay: pass).

Behavior; demeanor; deportment; pattern of action.

conduct (-ed), v. [see conduct, n.]

  1. Lead; manage; direct; control; administer.
  2. Initiate; bring to pass.

confederate (-s), n. [L. confæderāt-us, to join or unite in a league.]

Companion; colleague; ally; one of the same group; [fig.] disciple; follower; servant of the Lord.

confer (-red, -ring), v. [L. confer-re, to bring together, collect, gather, consult together, compare, bestow.] (webplay: bear, bestow, citizen, coronation, honor, nature, privileges, royal, show, title).

  1. Give; grant; award; present; bestow; bequeath.
  2. Discuss; exchange ideas in conversation.

confess, v. [OFr < late L. confessāre, acknowledge, own, avow.]

Disclose; divulge; declare; admit.

confide (-d, -s), v. [L. confīděre, to have full trust or reliance.] (webplay: keeping, secret).

Disclose; entrust; share in confidence.

confided, verbal adj. [see confide, v.]

Shared; entrusted; told; committed to the care of.