Lexicon: connect – consciousness

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connect, v. [L. connect-ěre, tie, fasten, join together.]

Adhere; link; unite; combine; come together; become attached.

connection, n. [L. connexiōn-em, binding together, close union.]

Link; connection; tie; bond; relationship; affiliation.

connoisseur (connoisaeur), n. [Fr. < L. cognōsc-ere, thoroughly acquainted with, investigate, get to know.]

Expert; authority; critical judge in matters of taste; person competent to judge the quality of fine things.

conquer (-ed, -s), v. [ME cuncwear-i < L. conquærere, seek for, search for, gain, win, procure by effort.] (webplay: defeats, overcome, save, will).

Vanquish; overcome; prevail against; win a battle against; get the better of.

conqueror, n. [see conquer, v.]

Victor; winner; one who defeats an adversary.

conscience, n. [Fr. < L. conscientia, privity of knowledge, knowledge within oneself.]

Moral sense; internal judgment of good and evil; feeling of guilt for doing wrong or for not doing right.

conscientious, adj. [Fr.]

Scrupulous; careful; rule-governed; with strict regard to standards of right and wrong; [fig.] righteous; productive; [metaphor] blossoming; blooming; not wild.

conscious (-er), adj. [L. consci-us, knowing something with others, knowing in oneself, privy to.] (webplay: certain, existence, fact, knowing, memory, mind, myself, passes, power, spirits, thoughts).

  1. Hyperactive; animated; aroused; excited; absorbed in one's own thoughts and mental operations; [fig.] awake; unable to sleep.
  2. Alert; well aware; knowing by perception.

consciously, adv. [see conscious, adj.] (webplay: existence, power).

Intentionally; purposefully; deliberately; responsibly; with an awareness of one's actions and their consequences; [fig.] willingly; voluntarily.

consciousness (consciousness'), n. [see conscious, adj.] (webplay: certain, countenance, essential, existence, experience, feared, knowing, knowledge, mind, myself, offense, persuasion, possess, power, thoughts).

  1. Cognizance; mental awareness; knowledge of what passes in one's one mind.
  2. Conscience; awareness of good and evil; perception of right and wrong; knowledge of guilt or innocence; internal sense of truth and error.
  3. Being; existence; life; [fig.] thought; memory.