Lexicon: compromise – conceive

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compromise, n. [Fr.]

Concession; settlement; mediation; negotiation; mutual surrender; give and take agreement; [fig.] promise; betrothal; covenant; marriage contract.

compromise (-d), v. [see compromise, n.]

  1. Settle; concede; come to an agreement by the partial surrender of position.
  2. Jeopardize; make vulnerable; put at risk.
  3. Expose; divulge; reveal the secret of.

compute (-d, -s), v. [Fr. < L. computā-re, to reckon, sum up.] (webplay: days, throw, time).

  1. Judge; consider; analyze.
  2. Account; consider to be; judge to be.
  3. Measure; calculate; figure out.

comrade (-s), n. [16-17th c. camerade < Sp. camerada, originally 'chamberful', thence 'chamber-mate'.]

Companion; friend; roommate; associate in occupation, fortunes, or activity.

con, v. [ME. cunne; see can, v.]

  1. Study; examine; inspect; ponder; consider; think on; learn about; get to know; become acquainted with.
  2. Read; decipher; decode; construe; interpret; make sense of.
  3. Acknowledge; recognize; realize.
  4. Remember; memorize; record; commit to memory; learn by heart so as to not forget.

concave, adj. [Fr. < L. concavus, hollow.] (webplay: convex).

Inward; interior; centripetal; curved in; towards the center; having a shape that presents a hollow to the observer; [fig.] unifying; integrative; consolidative; [metaphor] human; mortal; earthly; historical; ancient; past; pertaining to this life.

conceal (-ed), v. [OFr < L. concēlā-re, completely hide.]

Hide; disguise; keep secret; mask; shield.

concede (-s), v. [Fr. concéde-r or L. concēd-ěre, to withdraw, give way, yield, grant; see cede, v.] (webplay: admit, lived, yield).

Yield; grant; allow; admit.

conceit, n. [No corresponding OFr word; perhaps formed in English from conceive.]

Self-satisfaction; pride; vanity; overestimation of one's own importance.

conceive (concieve), v. [OFr < L. 'take altogether'.] (webplay: event).

  1. Comprehend; understand; compass; fully grasp the entire meaning.
  2. Devise; design; imagine; formulate in one's mind.
  3. Recognize.