Lexicon: conceived – concise

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conceived, verbal adj. [see conceive, v.] (webplay: grieved, think).

Known; understood.

conceiveless, adj. [see conceive, v.]

Unimaginable; beyond comprehension.

concentrate, v. [L. concentrāre; see compensate, v.]

Focus; direct; gather; unify.

conception, n. [Fr. < L. concip-ěre; see conceive, v.]

Thought; imagination; manner of thinking; faculty of forming an idea in the mind.

concern, n. [Fr. concerner < L. concerněre, sift, separate, distinguish, discern, perceive, look at, regard, have respect to.] (webplay: follow, think).

  1. Importance; significance; consequence.
  2. Interest; care; worry; anxiety.

concern (concerns), v. [see concern, n.] (webplay: feeling, interest, live, think, time).

Involve; affect; engage; interest; worry; be of importance to.

concerning, prep. [see concern, n.] (webplay: feeling, interest, live, think, time).

About; relative to; dealing with; referring to; with regard to.

concernless, adj. [see concern, n.]

Absolutely unconcerned; unworried; uninterested; indifferent; detached; nonchalant; calm.

concieve, v. [Johnson edition spelling; see conceive.]

concise (-st), adj. [L. concis-us, cut up, concise.]

Compact; neat; efficient; small; containing much in a little space.