Lexicon: confidence – conflict

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confidence, n. [L. confidentia; see confident, adj.] (webplay: boldness, excellencies, secrets, trust, truth).

  1. Trust; faith; assurance; firmness; steadfastness.
  2. Secrets; delicate matters; private information; communication disclosed in trust.

confident, adj. [L. confident-em, firmly trusting, reliant, bold, daring, audacious, impudent; see confide, v.] (webplay: boldness, competency, doubt, God, mind, secrets, wavering).

  1. Sure; positive; not doubting; in possession of knowledge that.
  2. Bold; resolute; secure; undaunted; certain; self-reliant; self-assured.

confidential, adj. [see confidence, n.]

Secretive; restricted; private; not for free communication; [fig.] suppressed; subdued; non-verbal; not expressible.

confidently, adv. [see confident, adj.]

Surely; without doubt; with assurance; having certainty.

confiding, verbal adj. [see confide, v.] (webplay: trust).

  1. Trustworthy; receiving information; involved in a private conversation.
  2. Trustful; entrusting; revealing; divulging; disclosing; willing to share personal information.

confirm (-ed, -s), v. [ME conferme-n < L. confirmāre, make firm, strengthen, establish.] (webplay: firm, hands, opinion, resolution, souls).

  1. Establish; fix firmly; make sure.
  2. Appoint; assign; establish; call; set apart; give full blessings; provide with unlimited privileges, powers, and opportunities; [fig.] accept into a congregation; identify as a member of a religious group.
  3. Verify; provide certainty; give new assurance of truth.

confirmed, verbal adj. [see confirm, v.] (webplay: establish, title).

Established; verified; validated; accepted; approved; appointed; included; called back; set apart; given full blessings; provided with unlimited privileges, powers, and opportunities; [fig.] identified as a member of a religious group.

confiscate (-s), v. [L. confiscāt-.]

Forfeit; leave behind; take away from the normal world.

confiscated, verbal adj. [see confiscate, v.]

Seized; forfeited; appropriated; taken away; [fig.] dead; deceased; dearly departed.

conflict, n. [L. conflīct-us, striking together, shock, fight.]

Struggle; strife; opposition; clash; lack of harmony.