Lexicon: competitor – compliment

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competitor, n. [Fr. cometiteur or L. competitor, one of several who aim at the same object, a fellow-candidate, rival; see compete, v.] (webplay: gain, strife).

Rival; opponent; fellow racer; one who participates in a contest.

complacence, n. [med. L. complacentia < L. complacere, to please, be pleasant.]

Satisfaction; pleasure.

complain (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [ME compleigne < Fr. complaindre, to manifest compassion, bewail < late. L. complang-ere, to strike, beat the breast or head in a sign of grief.] (webplay: pain).

Murmur; grumble; lament; state a grievance.

complaint, n. [see complain, v.]

Protestation; statement of grievance; representation of wrong suffered.

complement, n. [L. complementum, that which fills up or completes]

Partner; equal; equivalent; fulness; fulfillment.

completed, verbal adj. [mod. Fr. compl├ęter < L. complere, to fill up, finish, fulfil.]

Finished; full; whole; realized to the furthest extent; [fig.] perfect; flawless; faultless.

complexion, n. [Fr. < L. complexion-em, combination, connection, association, physical constitution or conformation.] (webplay: dark, fair).

Facial hue; [metonymy] skin color.

complicate, adj. [L. complicare, to fold together.]

Intricate; complex; difficult.

compliment (-s), n. [Fr. < It. complimento, expression of respect and civility to another by words or acts; see complement, n.]

Gift; favor; freely bestowed service.

compliment (-s), v. [see compliment, n.]

Praise; commend; speak highly of; report well of.