Lexicon: cause – cavern

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cause (-d), v. [med. L. causāre, work out, accomplish.] (webplay: obtain, joy, right).

Induce; make; provoke.

cauterize, v. [Fr. < late L. cauterizare, burn or brand with a hot iron.]

Burn; sear; brand; seal with fire; close with a hot iron; heal by applying an instrument of intense heat; [fig.] deaden; render insensible.

caution, n. [Fr. 'security, surety' < L. caution-em, taking heed, heedfulness, caution.] (webplay: care, hold, precept, prudence, prudent).

  1. Carefulness; wariness; prudence; [fig.] tenderness; sensitivity; gentleness.
  2. Attentiveness; care; heedfulness; regard.

cautious, adj. [see caution, n.] (webplay: danger, prudent).

  1. Watchful; vigilant; protective; shielding from corruption.
  2. Careful; painstaking; meticulous; [adv.] diligently; in a scrupulous manner; with attentiveness to detail.
  3. Wary; with careful attentiveness.
  4. Shy; tentative; restrained.

cautious, adv. [see caution, n.]

  1. Gingerly; discreetly; with sensitivity; very carefully; [ellipsis of imperative be-verb] be careful if you.
  2. Protectively; defensively; to avoid pain.
  3. Urgently; earnestly; anxiously.

cautiously, adv. [see caution, n.]

Carefully; gingerly; guardedly; warily.

cavalier, n. [Sp. cavallero; Fr. cavalier < It. cavallo, horse, + -iere).]

Knight; soldier; armed horseman; [fig.] butterfly; bird; bee; insect; winged creature.

cavalry, n. [Fr. < L. caballarius, horseman.]

Force; attack; onslaught; military unit; charge of troops on horses; [fig.] opponent; overwhelming opposition; [word play on “calvary”] crucifixion; sacrifice; expiation; redemption.

cave, n. [Fr. < L. cavum, a hollow (place).] (webplay: ear).

Hollow; grotto; recessed place; subterranean site; hole that opens into the earth.

cavern (-s, -'s), n. [Fr. < L. caverna, cave, den, cavity; see cave, n.] (webplay: chasm, dark, place).

  1. Large cave; deep dark subterranean space; place under the ground.
  2. Grotto; [fig.] void; vacancy; emptiness; hidden dimension; unseen time periods and empty spaces.