Lexicon: civic – clamoring

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civic, adj. [L. civic-us, belonging to citizens.]

Patriotic; political; public-spirited; concerned with community affairs; [fig.] civil.

civility, n. [OFr < Gk. politika, courteousness, politeness.] (webplay: kind).

Courtesy; courteousness; politeness; well-mannered behavior.

civilization, n. [Fr. < mod. L. civilizare, to make civil.]

Community; human society; a group of domesticated beings; a developed state of existence.

clad, verbal adj. [ME < ON klæða, clothe; past tense form of the verb “clothe”.]

  1. Clothed; covered with armor.
  2. Arrayed; invested; [fig.] endowed.

claim (-s), n. [see claim, v.]

  1. Demand; legal action; call to own something.
  2. Title; deed; suit; [fig.] troth; plight; wedding pledge.
  3. Duty; obligation; responsibility.
  4. Application for compensation; assertion of territory.

claim (-ed, -s), v. [OFr < L. clāmā-re, cry out, call, proclaim, declare aloud, call upon.] (webplay: ask, call, demand, make, obtain, power, rank, right, seek, services, suit, upon).

  1. Espouse; acquire by legal contract; [fig.] kill; cause to die; take the life of.
  2. Demand; call for; sue for; take as one's own; apply to have on legal grounds; [fig.] earn; achieve; attain; reach; accomplish; arrive at.

clamber (-ed), v. [15th c. clambre-n; may be a derivative of climb.] (webplay: feet).

Scramble; climb hurriedly; ascend with difficulty; rise with great effort.

clamor, n. [OFr < L. clamor-em, a call, shout, cry.] (webplay: sounds).

Outcry; shout; loud noise; excited cry; vehement appeal; mingling of voices; [fig.] violent storm.

clamor (-s), v. [see clamor, n.]

Demand; call for; insist on having; raise an outcry for.

clamoring, verbal n. [see clamor, n.] (webplay: sounds).

Demand; intense desire; noisy call; vehement appeal.