Lexicon: corporal – corrode

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corporal, adj. [OFr < L. corporāl-em, bodily.]

Bodily; material; temporal; belonging to the human body; [fig.] mortal; deathly.

corporation, adj. [L. corporātiōn-em < L. corporā-re, to embody.]

Joint; shared; collective; held in common; belonging to a united body of individuals.

corporeal, adj. [L. corpore-us, of the nature of body, bodily, physical.] (webplay: spiritual).

Physical; bodily; material; mortal.

correct, adj. [L. correct-us, made straight, set right.] (webplay: right).

Right; accurate; exact; true; without error.

correct (-ing), v. [L. correct-, make straight, set right, reform, amend.] (webplay: counteract, errors).

  1. Remove; erase; undo; smooth out; make even again.
  2. Fix; remedy; rectify; make right; get rid of.

correctly, adv. [see correct, adj.]

Accurately; properly; appropriately; fitly; without error.

correspondent, n. [med. L. correspondent-em]

Contact; messenger; courier; scribe; penman; letter-writer; author of a message; [metaphor] handwriting on the wall (see Daniel 5:5).

corridor (-s), n. [Fr. < It. corridore, long passage in a building or between two buildings < It. correre, run.] (webplay: chambers).

Hallway; covered passageway connecting rooms in a house; [fig.] channel; conduit; synapse; mnemonic connection.

corroboration, n. [Fr. < L. corrōborāre, strengthen, invigorate.]

Validation; substantiation; confirmation by evidence.

corrode, v. [L. corrōdere, gnaw away.]

Erode; spoil; reduce; break down; wear away; destroy gradually; cause to deteriorate.