Lexicon: coin – columbine

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coin (-s), n. [Fr. 'wedge, corner, die for stamping money or medals'.]

  1. Gold piece; minted metal disk used to weigh down the eyelids after a person has died.
  2. Money; currency; [fig.] wealth; pelf.

cold, adj. [OE; Anglian cald.] (webplay: air, chill, cool, feeling, hasty, indicating, indifferent, look, lover, passes, spiritless, stone, touch, warm, water).

  1. Lacking emotion; devoid of deep feeling; missing warmth, passion, or ardor.
  2. Spiritless; lacking enthusiasm; not feeling well; having no energy.
  3. Without warmth; low in temperature; with body heat lower than that of the living human body; [fig.] dead; lifeless.
  4. Stark; bleak; dismal; somber; dispiriting; [fig.] empty; void; senseless; meaningless.

cold, n. [OE cald.] (webplay: air, feeling, look, passes, shivering, wanting, warm).

  1. Low temperature; cool weather; absence of heat; freezing atmospheric state; chilly physical environment.
  2. Solitude; loneliness; absence of affection; social margin.
  3. Chill; lack of body heat; sensation of physical cooling.

colonnade, n. [Fr. < It. colonna, column, pillar.]

Arcade; series of columns placed at regular intervals; [fig.] front line; row of clouds.

color (-s, -'s), n. [early ME colur.] (webplay: boast, borne, dye, face, gold, green, hue, light, quality, queen, red, show, water, white).

  1. Flag; standard; ensign of a regiment in the military.
  2. Particular hue; specific tint; visual appearance to the eye reflected from its surfaces.
  3. Dye; pigment.
  4. Vision; light; spectrum; visual radiation; sense of sight; [fig.] joy; vitality.
  5. Kind; type; species.

color (colored), v. [ME coloure.] (webplay: fair, goods, paint, vermillion).

Dye; paint; imbue; give hue to.

colored, verbal adj. [see color, v.] (webplay: striped).

  1. Prismatically; rainbow-like; having colors; with a variety of hues.
  2. Phrase. “many-colored”: motley; variegated; having various colors; having sundry hues.

colossal, adj. [L. < Gk. kolossos, gigantic statue.]

Enormous; huge; grand; vast in its scope, sphere, and extent; [fig.] infinite; everlasting.

columba, n. [L. columba, pigeon; see Columbus.] (webplay: dove).

Messenger fowl; passenger-pigeon; member of the pigeon family; flying creature that found dry land for Noah (see Genesis 8:8-11); [fig.] emblem of peace; sign of deliverance; symbol of the Holy Ghost; [fig.] poet; seeker of truth; [word play] Columbus; explorer who found land in the Americas; [metaphor] Columbia; America; citizen of New England.

columbine, n. [Fr. < med. L. columbina, dove's plant.]

Aquilegia; Thalictrum; feathered meadow-rue; star-shaped bloom with tendrils; flowering plant with dove-colored blossoms; [personification] dear girl; maid-servant; pantomime heroine; famous coquette in Old Italian comedy.