Lexicon: comet – command

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comet (-'s), n. [late OE cometa < Gk. kometes, wearing long hair, long-haired star, comet.] (webplay: light, sun).

Celestial body; flaming entity that moves around the sun in an elliptical or parabolic orbit.

comfort (-s), n. [OFr.] (webplay: affliction, children, cold, life, light, pain, relief, trouble, want, whole).

  1. Solace; consolation; alleviation of affliction; release from mental distress; aid in poverty or sickness; production of mental satisfaction and restfulness.
  2. Relief; succor; source of peace.

comfort (-ing, -s), v. [OFr < L. confortare, to strengthen.] (webplay: hearts, life, mourn, trouble).

Soothe; console; reassure; give peace; bring solace.

comfortable, adj. [Anglo-Fr. confortable < confort-er; see comfort, v.]

Suitable; fitting well; not chafing; easy to wear; free from constraint.

comforted, verbal adj. [see comfort, v.] (webplay: children).

Relieved; solaced; reassured.

comforting, verbal n. [see comfort, v.] (webplay: want).

Consolation; reassurance; peace.

coming, verbal adj. [see come, v.]

Approaching; imminent.

coming, verbal n. [see come, v.]

Arrival; approach.

comissary, n. [ED's variant spelling of commissary; L. commissari-us, officer in charge, commissioner.]

Representative; agent; deputy; delegate.

command, n. [Fr.] (webplay: control, eye, lead, obedience, world).

Edict; bidding; authoritative order.