Lexicon: Columbus – comely

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Columbus, proper n. [L. columba 'dove'; see columba.]

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506); man who encountered the Americas in October 1492 while searching for the east Indies [see ED letters]; Spanish explorer originally from Genoa in Italy; [fig.] treasure seeker; pilgrim to the promised land.

column (-s), n. [OFr < L. columen, elevated object, pillar, column < celsus, high, lofty.]

  1. Pole; pillar; support for a dome; [fig.] way; aisle; passage upward; spiral staircase.
  2. Row; [fig.] military troops; soldiers organized in lines; [metaphor] sunset clouds.

columnar, adj. [see column, n.] (webplay: base, division).

Stony; rigid like granite; similar to a marble pillar; [fig.] serious; grave; emotionally cold.

comb, n. [OE < Gk. gomphos, pin, tooth.]

Grooming instrument; tool with teeth for separating, arranging, or cleaning hair.

comb, v. [see comb, n.] (webplay: fleshy, measure, place, tuft).

Search; examine minutely; [fig.] strum; sound the strings of.

combination, n. [OFr < late L. combination-em, a joining two by two.]

Mixture; medley; conjunction.

combine (-d, -s), v. [Fr. < late L. combinare, to join two by two, yoke together.]

Mix; unite; juxtapose; consist of both.

combinedly, adv. [see combine, v.]

Unitedly; doubly; in a two-fold form; in a conjoined manner; with a dual nature; in body and soul.

come (-s, -st, -ing, came, camest), v. [OE cuman.]

  1. Walk; move forward.
  2. Grow; spring forth; sprout like a plant.
  3. Approach; advance nearer; draw nigh.
  4. Be; happen in the future.
  5. Arrive; show up.
  6. Appear; become manifest.
  7. Happen; occur; become.

comely (comelier), adj. [OE cýmlíc, beautifully constructed, fine, handsome.] (webplay: bears, God, grace, pray, time, world).

Pretty; fair; bonny; attractive; handsome; graceful; [fig.] available for courtship; ready for marriage.